Chip Ganassi In Daytona 2018


The tension is high when 1000’s of fans create a human corridor next to the garages to watch their favorite team and car pass by.
It just minutes away from star of the Daytona Rolex 24 here in Daytona Florida, with a grey start of the day it was predicted that rain would fall even before the race started. But the racing gods was in a good mood and sun was shining with clear blue Florida skies, and high 70 temperatures.
Chip Ganassi car #66 turns into the last corner before entering the track to take it s place, This year FORD have changed the ordinary colors with a sparkeling metallic on the cars.
Deep shiny metallic that sparkles and changes shine from different angles. Just so beautiful. And highly appreciated by the fans.
I am ofcourse one of them.

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Early on the day the Warmup races are on the way, and with all the cars clean and shiny i was lucky to get a great image of car #66 going through the turn into the Horseshoe.
In the cars on this race are :
Car #66 – Joey Hand, Dirk Mueller and Sebastian Bordais
Car #67 – Ryan Briscoe, Richard Westbrook and Scott Dixon

We are on day 2 and just after lunchtime the car #66 with Dirk Mueller pulls into pit, Change of tire, driver a quick cleanup and of again with Sebastian Bourdais at the wheel.

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