A Passion for Photography
Corvette Racing Le Mans 2017

It was on the first day i arrived in Le Mans for the 2017 race and had just setup tent in my Campsite.

After the autograph session in Pitlane i walked around on the track searching for areas to photograph, and thats when i happened to join the Corvette team on the track.

For the Racing teams entering the Le Mans track its a tradition every year to have the drivers and cars photographed on this unique spot on the track.
The big letters in the tarmac spell out LE MANS and has become a “Must photograph” spot on the track.

This day i was lucky enough to meet the entire Corvette Racing crew and the owner Gary Pratt himself. A few words with the lift operator and up in i went to shoot down at the 2 Corvette CR7 parked and ready to pose for the photoshoot.
Ofcourse this was something planed just for the team, But for me a case of being in the right place at the right time.


Moments later some of the drivers entered the area for the official photography session with the hired photographer, and for me that was a golden opportunity to get even closer to both the cars and driver, Feeling a little starstruck with all the famous faces and people around me it was a very good day with a great experience.



Although a grey gloomy later afternoon on the track when Corvette Team had the photosession, Work had to be done and the photohoot was about to begin.
Weather never matters.
The 2 cars were lined up and ready for both the drivers and the team to pose with them.



The classic shoot of the new super shiny helmets on the cars rear wing.



Crew are catching up on some rest after a few very hectic and intense days of setting up and testing the cars, we are only a few hours away from the first practice race here in Le Mans.

This year was also the first year that Marcel Fässler was entered in the Corvette Racing after AUDI had terminated their program in 2016.

So the Entry for for 2017 in the Corvette was :
#63  –  Jordan Taylor, Jan Magnussen and Antonio Garcia
#64  –  Oliver Gavin, Marcel Fässler and Tommy Milner



After the shoot driver Gavin and Fässler are comparing helmets, The helmets are not just protection but a image, or maybe even a trademark of the driver.



Thank you Corvette Racing for letting me be around you when you had this photoshoot, Hope to join again soon.


Photoshoot Details
Le Mans, France
Nikon – D7100 DSLR Camera
Tamron 10-24 mm
Tamron 70-200 mm